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Hi everyone, my name is Gayle Summers and I love to play Bingo! After playing in stuffy land based Bingo Halls for years I finally realized that you can play Bingo games online for free or for real money plus chat with your friends and meet new ones in the chat rooms. I discovered that a lot of the Bingo sites online offer free money and bonuses to play. Well I told a few friends about these offers, and they told their friends, and soon everyone wanted to know, so I decided to make a website with all of the offers I had found, and I put them on this coupon site for everyone to enjoy.

You're probably asking yourself, why are these online Bingo sites giving away free money? Well I thought the same thing at first as it seems almost too good to be true. But after a little investigation I realized that the online Bingo world is quite popular and has become very competitive, leaving these sites the need to somehow say "Hey! Play with us!". It's not all that different from other types of promotions really, a restaurant might give you a free drink coupon in the hopes you'll stay and have a couple more and maybe a bite to eat, and the same way a phone company might offer you a free phone if you agree to use their service. The same applies to the online Bingo world, they're competitive and quite frankly, they want your business. These sign-up bonuses are easy to get and there's really no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of them. All of the Bingo sites on my site will also give you big bonuses when you make deposits. With so many bonuses it's almost hard to lose! But it's always fun either way!

Have fun and I wish you the best of luck!
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