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Want to play Bingo for Money? Well, we all do, but "Bingo for Money" is so serious about making real money Bingo their business, it's exactly what this Bingo site is called - Bingo for Money! How much money you ask? How about $25.00 completely free to start, and a 300% bonus on your first deposit, and 250% bonus on your second! They offer $10,000 jackpot games including $1,000 jackpot games every hour in both flash versions or the advanced download version. There are over 300 unique Bingo Patterns, and dozens of Slots and Video Poker machines so going for that jackpot is a blast! If it's your birthday, let the manager know as you're entitled to some "Free Bingo Bucks"! You'll be the star for a day as everyone will know it's your Birthday and can wish you a happy Birthday no matter what games your enjoying, there's a fun and friendly chat room everywhere you look!

So join Bingo for Money and maybe it's you're lucky day, you might just get Money for Bingo!

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